Accountant Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance for Accountants

As an accountant, your customers seek your guidance in navigating very complex tax codes, likewise, the agents at Benchmark Insurance understand, we understand the complex insurance needs of accountants and CPAs. Our goal is to help you work with confidence by protecting you against losses resulting from errors and omissions in the performance of professional services. While many agencies are able to offer coverage for accountants and CPAs, Benchmark Insurance takes care to ensure your policy provides the most custom coverage for your unique needs.

Bringing You Coverage From the Most Trusted Carriers

Your insurance is only as good as the carrier you choose. You want to know that when the time comes, they will be committed to keeping their promises. That’s why Benchmark Insurance represents the best carriers in the industry. Each carrier offers comprehensive insurance coverage for any accountant or CPA.

Travelers Workers Compensation Insurance The Hartford Workers Compensation Insurance

Benchmark Insurance Does it Right

Benchmark Insurance provides coverage to many of Utah’s Accountants. We care about your business and go out of our way to be available when you need us and to make sure your coverage is complete so that your livelihood is secure. Simply put, you won’t find a better insurance agency for your firm.

Contact Scott Bradshaw, our in-house Professional Liability Insurance expert.

Why your firm needs coverage, the top 5 reasons:

  • Legal defense costs, even in frivolous cases, can be costly.
  • Some clients may not hesitate to take legal action if they feel the professional services performed fail to meet their expectations.
  • No accounting firm is too small to need insurance coverage. Even if you have just one employee, you need protection from potential lawsuits.
  • More clients are beginning to require the professionals they hire to carry errors and omissions insurance. You could lose the opportunity to earn their business without it.
  • A good professional liability insurance plan can be both cost effective, and help protect the financial security of your business.

Accountants Professional Liability 101

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