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There are many risks that jewelers face on a daily basis from armed robbery to broken stones. As a jeweler you know that having insurance is extremely important but you may not realize the importance of having an insurance expert with in-depth knowledge of your industry. Taking advantage of our in-house jewelry insurance specialist, Scott Bradshaw, benefits you because he understands your unique challenges and risks and how to ensure that there are no coverage gaps.

Bringing You Coverage From the Most Trusted Carriers

Your insurance is only as good as the carrier you choose. You want to know that when the time comes, they will be committed to keeping their promises. That’s why Benchmark Insurance represents the best carriers in the jewelry industry. Each carrier offers comprehensive insurance coverage whether you own a retail store or are a manufacturing jeweler.

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Benchmark Insurance Does it Right

As the only authorized Jewelers Mutual agent in Utah, Benchmark Insurance provides coverage to nearly all of Utah’s locally-owned jewelry businesses and many in Idaho. At Benchmark Insurance, we care about your business. We go out of our way to be available when you need us and to make sure your coverage is complete so that your livelihood is secure. Simply put, you won’t find a better insurance agency for your jewelry business.

Contact Scott Bradshaw, our in-house jewelry insurance expert.

Protecting You With:

  • Store Coverage
  • Shipping Coverage
  • Travel Coverage
  • Broken Stone Coverage
  • Mysterious Disappearance Coverage
  • Memo Jewelry Coverage
  • Tradeshow Coverage
  • Employee Theft
  • Much More …

Loss Prevention Tips:

A good jeweler insurance policy will cover shipments, but we know it can be a hassle when your packages don’t arrive as expected.

Follow these tips to help prevent lost or stolen packages.

  1. Pack jewelry in a medium-sized cardboard box. Seal with tape. Label the box with the return address and tracking number in case the outer shipping box is damaged. Never use an envelope.
  2. Pack the inner box in a large packaging box from the delivery service or a sturdy, unmarked shipping box (no smaller than an adult-sized shoe box).
  3. Pack the shipping box with packing material to protect the inner box during shipping.
  4. Seal the shipping box with gummed, reinforced paper mailing tap or pressure-sensitive shipping tape. Write the tracking number on the box.
  5. Disguise mailing information so jewelry-related words are never mentioned. Disguise the return address in a similar fashion.
  6. Require a signature to be obtained upon delivery. Use Registered Mail whenever possible.

DON’T use a small box as a shipping box. Never ship jewelry in an envelope or folder.

DON’T use string, rope, masking tape or cellophane tape to seal the package.

DON’T indicate anywhere on the box or label that the package contains jewelry or that it is being shipped from a jewelry-related business.

DON’T use a drop box.

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Unsure if your policy covers jewelry shipments? Contact us.

First and foremost, if you find yourself in a threatening situation do not resist. An insurance policy can replace your inventory bu cannot replace your life.

Security & Safety Precautions for Your Store:

  1. Inspect showcases several times daily for signs of tampering.
  2. Exercise proper key control: never leave keys on hooks or on counters, and use wrist key holders.
  3. Keep showcases locked when unattended.
  4. Show only one item at a time
  5. Always ask outside salespeople, delivery people etc. for proper identification before doing business with them.
  6. Use pre-established code words to alert other employees of suspicious situations.
  7. Observe your surroundings when traveling to and from your shop.
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Keep the following tips in mind to reduce your risk while traveling with jewelry:

  1. Never leave jewelry in an unattended vehicle.
  2. Avoid becoming predictable by alternating routes and visit times.
  3. Carry a fully-charged cell phone with you at all times.
  4. If possible, arrange to leave your line at the last jewelry store you visit each day.
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Jewelers that take part in our Crime Alert Network will be alerted whenever there is a crime or suspicious activity at participating jewelers in Utah and Idaho. Being aware of nearby crimes will help you and your employees take the necessary precautions to protect your business.

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